What We Wear Update #3

This week I set up more interviews and I did two pre interview. Sister Orme was very nice and insightful about the fashion industry. While doing the pre interview, certain things came up that I had not anticipated. Both Sister Orme and Allison made points about the uptrend of thrifting and the more environmental consumer. I think this is pretty great because I myself have been buying less clothes, but we talked about how it’s become mainstream. This was something I had not thought about including but it’s a great point, and I have formulated more questions for my actual interviews.

This was a documentary I was recommended by a friend, and it has some of the topics of fast fashion and the environmental toll it takes to produce it. I also paid attention to some of the shot sequences. Something I have been worried about is not having enough “action” or dull b roll and this gave me some ideas on how to make it more interesting.


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