Creative Advertising

For this project, we were asked by our professor (our current employer) to create a creative advertisement for a boring household object for different mediums. We had to blend 2 images (minimum) in a creative, appealing way that would engage the target audience. I would have to do it in two different mediums, a magazine ad and a Facebook static ad.


Using a random generator, I had to market power strips to females ages 18-24, married who have a bachelors degree.  Their income could be anywhere from 15,000 to 39,000. Once I had that I thought about emphasizing the power in power strip. My ad would empower the female audience. At first, I decided the headline “Power up” would be a good one to use and had an idea illustrated (poorly) in this sketch:


The first thing I had to do was find two images that I thought would work well. I found 2 in the Adobe Stock library:


Photoshop is not as user friendly as things we had used previously, so I definitely had to learn to practice a lot. When it came to turning in the first draft, I didn’t feel like I had the basic skills to down so my draft came out something like this:

I didn’t grasp masking so well but I had a basic idea. I also didn’t like the purple rectangles, because although they matched the color palette of the picture, I felt they seemed very blocky. I did really like my images, which I got on Adobe Stock. I thought the image of the little girl would be very inspiring. Besides the headline, I really couldn’t think of good copy and a call to action to go with it. After a few days I came up with a little too much copy:

Still not my best work, but I wanted some feedback on the copy and I also added more requirements to the project. We had to choose a specific brand name, and I chose General Electric, since it’s a brand that’s been around for over a century. This time, I also changed the headline, I thought “You have the power” resonated more with that demographic. “Protect it with General Electric” would be my call to action and the rest is body copy. I thought we had to have a lot of body copy, which is why I have so much.

With the feedback I received I realized that my images would look better in a half page magazine ad instead of a full page one, and that I needed to simplify and cut out some of the body copy.  After receiving feedback from my professor, I realized I had to make the headline pop but everything else could be minimized. The feedback I received was extremely helpful and made me look at things from a different perspective.


This is my half page magazine ad, where I had all of the requirements, the headline, body copy and call to action. I actually ended up blending 3 images because I preferred this city background with the lightning, as opposed to just having the sun there.

Adobe Stock- Lightning and thunder during a thunderstorm, one night in Alicante

For my facebook static ad, I had to change some things but I think I managed to get the same overall feel:

I think even though you see less of the power strip, you can still tell what the object is and it conveys the same message. I think this is a message that can really resonate with young women, that they have power, and they can protect it.

Having Brother Kerr comment on the text really helped me focus on the headline and use better fonts. I chose Gill Sans Mt Ext Condensed Bold for the headline and body because I felt that this font was really appealing and had a superhero feel to it. I thought Times New Roman would convey an old timely feel, but after using a few contrasting fonts I thought this Freestyle Script worked better.  As far as the colors go, I think the little girl has enough contrast with the city and the lightning, but still has bold colors, like the blue from the background. I also liked how the highlight on her face and body makes it look like the light is coming from the lightning.


I really enjoyed that this project challenged us to think creatively, some of the best ads are creative and let’s people think for themselves. I have a new appreciation for people who work hard to come up with new and creative ways to advertise products that engage the audience. I also realized that great ideas require some work on the execution front. Sometimes, the final ad we see in a magazine went through many, many drafts to get it just right. Photoshop is a great program with a learning curve. However with it, we are able to create great things. I think that although I definitely need to get more comfortable with the software, I also need to engage my creativity and learn to look at things outside of the box.


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