Creative Advertising

For this project, we were asked by our professor (our current employer) to create a creative advertisement for a boring household object for different mediums. We had to blend 2 images (minimum) in a creative, appealing way that would engage the target audience. I would have to do it in two different mediums, a magazine ad and a Facebook static ad.


Using a random generator, I had to market power strips to females ages 18-24, married who have a bachelors degree.  Their income could be anywhere from 15,000 to 39,000. Once I had that I thought about emphasizing the power in power strip. My ad would empower the female audience. At first, I decided the headline “Power up” would be a good one to use and had an idea illustrated (poorly) in this sketch:


The first thing I had to do was find two images that I thought would work well. I found 2 in the Adobe Stock library:


Photoshop is not as user friendly as things we had used previously, so I definitely had to learn to practice a lot. When it came to turning in the first draft, I didn’t feel like I had the basic skills to down so my draft came out something like this:

I didn’t grasp masking so well but I had a basic idea. I also didn’t like the purple rectangles, because although they matched the color palette of the picture, I felt they seemed very blocky. I did really like my images, which I got on Adobe Stock. I thought the image of the little girl would be very inspiring. Besides the headline, I really couldn’t think of good copy and a call to action to go with it. After a few days I came up with a little too much copy:

Still not my best work, but I wanted some feedback on the copy and I also added more requirements to the project. We had to choose a specific brand name, and I chose General Electric, since it’s a brand that’s been around for over a century. This time, I also changed the headline, I thought “You have the power” resonated more with that demographic. “Protect it with General Electric” would be my call to action and the rest is body copy. I thought we had to have a lot of body copy, which is why I have so much.

With the feedback I received I realized that my images would look better in a half page magazine ad instead of a full page one, and that I needed to simplify and cut out some of the body copy.  After receiving feedback from my professor, I realized I had to make the headline pop but everything else could be minimized. The feedback I received was extremely helpful and made me look at things from a different perspective.


This is my half page magazine ad, where I had all of the requirements, the headline, body copy and call to action. I actually ended up blending 3 images because I preferred this city background with the lightning, as opposed to just having the sun there.

Adobe Stock- Lightning and thunder during a thunderstorm, one night in Alicante

For my facebook static ad, I had to change some things but I think I managed to get the same overall feel:

I think even though you see less of the power strip, you can still tell what the object is and it conveys the same message. I think this is a message that can really resonate with young women, that they have power, and they can protect it.

Having Brother Kerr comment on the text really helped me focus on the headline and use better fonts. I chose Gill Sans Mt Ext Condensed Bold for the headline and body because I felt that this font was really appealing and had a superhero feel to it. I thought Times New Roman would convey an old timely feel, but after using a few contrasting fonts I thought this Freestyle Script worked better.  As far as the colors go, I think the little girl has enough contrast with the city and the lightning, but still has bold colors, like the blue from the background. I also liked how the highlight on her face and body makes it look like the light is coming from the lightning.


I really enjoyed that this project challenged us to think creatively, some of the best ads are creative and let’s people think for themselves. I have a new appreciation for people who work hard to come up with new and creative ways to advertise products that engage the audience. I also realized that great ideas require some work on the execution front. Sometimes, the final ad we see in a magazine went through many, many drafts to get it just right. Photoshop is a great program with a learning curve. However with it, we are able to create great things. I think that although I definitely need to get more comfortable with the software, I also need to engage my creativity and learn to look at things outside of the box.




Originally written May 15th, 2017

Beth Hendricks talked to us today about the opportunities in marketing and advertising. She really emphasized the importance of a portfolio, to have something we can show an employer. Because I’m a video production emphasis, it really got me thinking about starting a film reel and working to make a name for myself. Another way to do that that I had not thought of was to enter competitions. There are so many opportunities for us students that we don’t take advantage of. Some students even win money and get hired because of their entries.

Another thing she talked about was the 4 P’s: Product, Price, Place (Distribution) and Promotion. However, recently they added a 5th P: People. This is to say that you must think about how people will respond to your ad. In a sense, as a filmmaker I am always thinking about how people will react to my videos, so it’s interesting that that is a recent thing they added. This was very interesting to me because it is very likely that in my video production career I will have to make a commercial and I need to apply all these principles when creating it.

Public Relations

Originally written June 8th, 2017

Michael Cannon spoke to us about the importance of public relations (PR). Just as every company needs a PR person, we are also a brand and need to be our own PR people. After all, the internet is forever.

One of the most important things I learned from his presentation is that words matter, and we must give a lot of thought to what we say and do. We must be influencers and make a name for ourselves. This really motivated me to not only be careful of what I post, but to continue to work on projects and post my work wherever I can.

Organizational Communication and Advocacy

Although I was not able to be in class that day, I did obtain some information about this emphasis. The main function of this emphasis is to inform, persuade and promote goodwill in an organizational context, such as schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations. At BYU-I students are taught to use their influence to achieve goals and manage conflict, as well as tackle controversial issues in group situations.

This emphasis is very important because we all have to deal with conflict and persuade others to see our side. I also really like that this is offered here because we our world is constantly changing and their is a great demand for advocacy from special interests groups. The most important thing I got out of my research was how thinking critically we can find solutions, or at least to an understanding, to settings and situations that seem impossible.

Visual Communication

Originally written May 25th, 2017

The whole visual communication team spoke with us about the emphasis and possible career paths. Visual communication covers many fields, including design, photography, video, etc., It was interesting to hear all of the different classes and experiences involved in that emphasis.

Visual communication is my module, which means I have to take at least 3 classes in that area. This presentation really clarified the different classes and which ones would be best to take for my career path. One class I didn’t consider but I will definitely be taking is social media design.  I really think it could help enhance my marketing skills, since you learn how to create a brand. Another thing I really got out of the whole presentation is how important design is to all of our creative work, and I really think this module will help my video production skills.

Video Production

Originally written May 18th, 2017

Brian Howard and Christian Mawlam spoke to us today about my emphasis, video production. They each have vastly different experience, but I learned more of what it’s like to work in the industry.

Brother Howard has radio and television broadcast experience, where he worked as a host, news anchor and now a teacher. He mentioned that sometimes broadcast television can be unpredictable, but people want information as quickly as possible and this is something you can get good at. He showed videos of the BYU TV “broadcast bus” and how it can be very stressful but also very rewarding.

Brother Mawlam has video production and marketing experience. His brother and him realized that many companies were in need of quality video content but did not have the means to hire and buy the equipment for it. Because of this, he created 90SecondStory, a company that would charge to produce great video content for companies that they could post on youtube and in their websites. I learned that even with a small team, it is possible to create great video content. I also saw a little bit more of the business aspect and how important that is when creating content for someone else.

Both emphasized the importance of collaborating and networking with our classmates, superiors, or anyone we admire. Group projects are the time we will define our skills and learn from one another. Most importantly, this class reaffirm my love for video production and reminded me that I have to work hard to get into the industry.

News and Journalism

Originally written May 11th, 2017

Lane Williams came to talk to us about the News and Journalism emphasis, but also gave us a lot of great tips to make it in the industry. He mentioned that our careers started when we began school, they do not start when we graduate. This really hit home to start looking for opportunities to grow and expand in my career now instead of later.

I also learned a few things about this industry that relates to my video production emphasis. Because everyone has access to deliver and receive news, journalism is transforming. We are all journalist in a way when we comment on something happening in real time. He also made a point to have us think critically about the news and not fight change, but embrace it when it comes to media.

Cover Letter

Nelva Moran

Naperville, IL | (201) 667-3070 |



Lucid Dream Software

Elk Grove, IL 60007


Dear Manager:

My experience and leadership roles, as well as my drive to work make me an ideal candidate for an internship at Lucid Dream Software. Your company has an amazing reputation and legacy, and I know that my work experience and education can be a great asset to that legacy. I’ve had leadership roles in customer service for several years, and I am improving my video productions skills every day.

Currently, I am taking a video editing class, a film editing class, as well as communication classes that reinforce connecting and working with others. I am also an assistant manager at the restaurant I work at, where I support other team members and the management team to ensure customer satisfaction. I am sure that I can put these skills to use at Lucid Dream Software, as well as improve and learn from the top video production agency in the area.

I look forward to contacting you within a week to talk about the possibility of an interview. Should you have any questions before that time, you may reach me via email or phone.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nelva Moran



Permanent: 1693 Ithaca Dr, Naperville, IL 60565

(C) 201-667-3070 •


Old Navy                                                                             Naperville, IL

Shipment Specialist/Cashier                                October 2008 – January 2011

  • Demonstrated communication skills and attention to detail to enhance the customer experience.
  • Utilized cash register to process transactions and balanced the drawer.
  • Successfully executed the shipment process and presentation of merchandise with the shipment team.

Olive Garden                                                        Downers Grove, IL

Service Professional/Certified Trainer                    November 2011 – Present 

  • Works in fast-paced, customer service- and teamwork-centered environment.
  • Adheres to sanitation and safety control policies to protect other team members and customers.
  • Maintains a professional and friendly line of communication with customers.
  • Responsible for handling cash transactions effectively and balancing the drawer to ensure there are no shortages.
  • As a certified trainer, ensures other members of the service team are equipped with the knowledge needed to properly serve customers and uphold service standards of the restaurant.
  • As a service professional, assisted the service team and worked with management to improve sales.


  • Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint proficiency
  • Adobe Creative Cloud proficiency.
  • Experience with WordPress
  • Bi-lingual: fluent in Spanish and English
  • Typing speed: 35 WPM
  • Ability to complete data entry with 10 key by touch

Creating an Icon Set

With this project, we were asked by our employer to create an icon set for a topic that was interesting to us. There were a few project requirements, including consistent design throughout each icon. However, each icon needed to communicate a single message. We also had to use illustrator, which is specifically used for creating projects like these. Illustrator lets us create vector graphics, which do not pixelate when made bigger or smaller. These were a requirement because icons come in a variety of sizes depending on what they are used for. It was challenging to create original icons, without using any text, gradients, drop shadows, pixels, or raster effects., when creating icons, the clearer you can communicate your message visually, the better. With all this in mind, this post explores my design process.


One of the things I love most besides film, are comic books. When I thought about what I cons I would like to create I decided to do Marvel female superheroes, as those are some of my favorites. To create an effective design, I had to make sure that my icons had a clear audience and message. My main audience was targeted at female superhero fans ages 16-24 who liked the minimalist style. My main message was to communicate which superhero was which with only basic face and hair colors, and costumes. To start, I made a few sketches to get an idea of what I could do. Because many superhero fans do not read comic books, I thought I would focus on the superheroes that are (or will soon be) in the movies. This included Black Widow, She-Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and Captain Marvel.

At first, I thought I would have them all cross their arms and display some of their abilities and costumes. Although I do think it’s a great idea, it is very difficult in execution. I would have to move away from the minimalist style. Then I tried a profile shot for the second set of sketches. I realized very quickly this would be even more difficult then the first one to execute. On my third sketch, I decided to focus on their faces and hair colors with just a bit of costumes to indicate the colors of their costumes. This seemed to be much simpler and more in line with my objective to stay in the minimalist style. I really think that starting with the sketch before even starting on Illustrator really helped me form a better idea with my message in mind.


I thought the best way to tie all of these very different female superheroes together was to give them the same basic face and hair shape. I made them unique by adding some details here and there, and incorporated some of the costumes. It was very important that the colors that they were usually associated with were used in my design. I specially added more detail to Captain Marvel and added her symbol to the costume. I also wanted to make sure all my colors were vibrant, just like in the comic books. After all, comic book characters are designed to jump off the page, so that was important for me to incorporate.

One of the biggest things I got out of this project was how important feedback can be. Some of the comments I got was that Scarlet Witch really stood out, with her helmet and her lack of bangs, since all the other icons have them. Also when I first created them, I did all the necks individually and that was one of the things pointed out the most. This feedback helped me revise my draft a second time. I also thought I could get away with different hair types if I had more icons and still have bangs on each one, but with some different elements,

This time, I removed Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel as they are not as recognizable with their costumes, and added more iconic figures like Storm, Rogue, Mystique and The Invisible Woman. I also adjusted the necks to be the same across the board. On the second round of critiques however, it was evident that The Invisible Woman and Black Widow did not stand out, and also that something was wrong with the way my laptop showed the blue color. I found the blue hex code but for some reason it kept showing up more like a purple. I am so glad we were able to be critique and help one another, because that is something that definitely helped during this design process and helped me create a better final product.


With all the feedback I received, I decided to remove Black Widow and the Invisible Woman because they weren’t as recognizable as the other 4 characters. On the top row starting from the left it’s Storm and Mystique. On the bottom row starting from the left it’s She-Hulk and Rogue. I made Storm’s hair a little grayer to make sure she stood out from a white background. I used another computer to make sure my blue hex code was correct as well, as the blue is an iconic part of Mystique’s design. I also decided to add a little yellow to the costume, a callback to her yellow eyes. I was pretty happy with the other two characters, so I left them the same. I really think all these elements and colors make the characters recognizable and it’s something female comic fans would really enjoy. Here are the other sizes for web use of my icons.




This is just one example of the importance of the design process and making sure you think of your audience every step of the way. If I had simply started designing without doing any sketches I would have had a few tries at designs that were too complex and weren’t close to the minimalist design I was going for. The feedback was extremely important to perfecting my design and keeping the characters recognizable to my target audience. Another thing that really helped me was maintaining those design elements that make the characters iconic, like their skin color, hair, and costumes. The colors are the things that really stand out the most. Although my design is not perfect I really think I accomplished my goal of creating something my target audience will understand and appreciate.